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Swami Agnivesh says “I was talking to Kapil Dev, not Kapil Sibal”

Even as Team Anna’s supporters across the nation celebrated their achievement in the anti-corruption movement, Sibal Civil Society Activist, Swami Agnivesh, spent his time fending off uncomfortable questions over a sensational video posted on youtube where he is seen making less than complimentary remarks about Anna and his fast to a certain ‘Kapilji’. Faced with the wrath of Team Anna, Agnivesh has given up his initial defense that the video was doctored and has confessed that he was indeed talking to Kapil – not Kapil Sibal as alleged, but the former all-rounder Kapil Dev. Swamiji claims he was only indulging in inane chit chat with India’s greatest all rounder about Team India’s weak bowling. See below video and transcripts of Swamiji’s version. < Source : The UnReal Times >

Kapil Dev: Hello Swamiji. Mein Kapil Dev bol raha hoon. Jai ho!

Swami Agnivesh: Jai ho jai ho Kapil ji jai ho Maharaj..

Kapil Dev: Swamiji, mein Indian bowling se pareshan ho gaya hoon. Aapse discuss karna bahaut zaroori hai…

Swami Agnivesh: (interrupts) Haan, bahaut zaroori hai Kapilji, yeh to pagal ki tarah bowl kar rahe hain.. jaise koi…

Kapil Dev: Bowling itni kharab rahi hai ! England ne aisi dhulayi ki hai… Thode runs concede karna theek hai.. After all mein bhi kaafi pita hoon…

Swami Agnivesh: (interrupts) Lekin jitna concede karte jayenge utna hi sir pe chadenge angrez..

Kapil Dev: Bilkul sahi baat kahi hai aapne Swamiji ! Saare grounds mein runs concede kiye hain..

Swami Agnivesh: Haanfurther grounds pe bilkul nahi concede karna chahiye.

Kapil Dev: Swamiji, yeh sab kamzor hain.. Aaj kal koi meri tarah doodh nahi peeta… Yeh Bhajji itna pita hai na..

Swami Agnivesh: Koi sarkar [Editor: Agnivesh claims he said sardar] ko is tarah kare to bahaut buri baat hai… sharam mehsoos ho rahi hai ki hamari sarkar [Editor: ‘sardar’ again here according to Agnivesh] itni kamzor hai

Kapil Dev: Aur woh Sreesanth Anna ka pace to gaya.. bas pagalon ki tarah appeal karta hai !

Swami Agnivesh: Dekhiye na. itni badi appeal karne ke baad bhi Anna [Editor: Agnivesh claims he meant Sreesanth Anna] fast nahi daudte…

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