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Veetle Watching / Recording

Alright so its been a while and veetle has introduced the "low quality" version of some streams.
What I'm going to show you is how to play these streams in VLC or other media players.
It's very simple and has just a couple of steps.

These streams are of a lower quality which consist of 400k for video and 64k for audio, still decent enough to watch.

Lets get started!
First you need to check and see if the stream has a lower quality version available, and you do that by opening the channel in your browser and clicking on the HD button, if it starts playing then your good, if it gives you the message that lower quality version is not available then you need to use my other method described in my blog.
Once you have verified that HD button works all you going to do is copy the stream ID off the address bar in your browser, in the example below the stream ID is 4d797f3855e7d:

Next your going to open VLC > Media > Open Network Stream:

There are several ip addresses for the flash stream, i'll update here when i find more:
Try these ip addresses and see which one gives a stream:

Replace the stream ID (shown in red in above example) with the stream ID that you copied.
Once you have entered the address, click on play.
Thats it! now you can watch or record the show.
You can also create a playlist of your favorite channels and instead of keeping changing channels on veetle, you can just click on your playlist and enjoy your videos in minimal time!

Also note that once the movie/show your currently watching ends the player stops, you need to either change the playlist to be in a loop or just click play on vlc to start it again.
Made a little custom live rss feed to show the flash enabled streams available on veetle.
Its a live listing and i think the service updates every half hour, so whatever streams that are flash enabled at that time will be shown in the list.

You can copy and paste the link into your mobile or desktop video players like vlc,smplayer and such and create your own playlist for a quicker access to channels.

Just another alternative for people having issues with the HD option on veetle and on mobile devices.

Feed > Veetle Flash Stream RSS

Some video players you can use to view:

SMPlayer> http://smplayer.sourceforge.net/

File > Url > paste the stream link > Ok

VLC > http://www.videolan.org/

Media > Open Network Stream > paste the stream link > Play
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