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How To Get Approved Google Adsense Account Without Having A Website

How To Get Approved Google Adsense Account Without Having A Website
Adsense is the best Pay Per Click ad network for the webmasters and the only revenue stream for some bloggers. Although, there are Many alternatives but they can’t compete with Google Adsense because Google Adsense have higher Click Through Rates [ CTR ] with a lot of advertisers .But getting approved by Google Adsense is almost an impossible task for New bloggers or Small blogger .

As per the Google Adsense program policies , you need the following requirements to get into the program :-
  •  A website with a standard domain of at least 6 months old .
  •  Your website should not contain any illegal and pornographic content .
  •  You should have a mature website with some useful content .
  •  The content of your website should not be copied from other sources .
And for the Asian, it is more difficult than the other Part of The World. But, there is a way to get approved Adsense Account without having a website .

Yeah, you heard it correctly There is an Adsense revenue site named Indyarocks.com which offers easy sign up for Adsense without having a website. All you need just Do sign up for Indyarocks and put some original content in your account, and then Request for an Adsense account Through Indyarocks .

See below the requirements of Indyarocks to get an Adsense account :-

  • Your profile should be at least 50% complete .
  • Your account should have an image. [ Remember that upload your own Photo ]
  • You should upload al least 10 images to your album and their privacy must be set to everyone.
  • You should post at least 2 blogs in your account .
I will advice you to request for an Adsense account when it becomes at least of 1 week Old, although it is not an eligibility Criteria of Indyrocks. Right after you meet all the requirements, you can request for an Adsense account. After your request , you will receive an email regarding confirmation. Then, confirm your request and complete the request form by visiting the form url which will come along with your email. Within 10 days you will receive an email regarding your account  whether it is approved or not . And the most wonderful thing is that you don’t need to provide your website Detail during the sign up process. So, using this method, you can easily Get an Approved Adsense account without having any website. Not only you can get an Adsense account through Indyarocks but you can also earn some extra money in Indyarocks by implementing your Adsense account with Indyarocks, by uploading videos , by watching videos and by referring people to the site .
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