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Google Plus Button For Blogger Home Page

Add Google Plus Button To Blogger Home Page

This post is meant to add Google Plus button on the homepage of your blog so that it +1 the entire blog as a whole.
Your Google plus one button would appear as on this blogs homepage on the right. 

 Step 1:
Go to Design >> Edit HTML and tick the check box. Now search for the following code (Ctrl + F).

Searching of Code:


And just above this code, add the following code.

<script src='https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js' type='text/javascript'/>

Now Search for the two following codes. First search for one of them and if you cant find it find the next one. Different templates use different codes so check which one is your template using.

<div class='widget-content'>


<div id='navcontainer'>

Addition of Code:
Now that you were able to find any one of them, paste the following code just below it.

<div style='float:right'>
<p style='font:12px bold arial, verdana; float:left; margin:5px; 15px;'>Thumbs Up?</p>
<g:plusone href='http://public-leecher.blogspot.com' size='standard'/>

Change your blog link with mine in Black and if you wish you can change the Thumbs Up? text too.
Now click Save Template and your done.

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