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How to Download the Full Facebook Photo Album?

We all know how to upload photos to Facebook, however it can be a very tedious process when we want to get hundreds of photos from our Facebook albums downloaded to our computer.

It can be said that it is very time consuming. It’s because you’ll need to click on each of the photo in the album one by one, but also explore the photos you have been “tagged in”. But the situation is gonna be different when you have this tool to help you out.

Pick&Zip, known as Facebook photo downloader, is an easy to use web technology that lets you to download download all the Facebook photos in an album that you or your friends had uploaded to Facebook with just few button clicks.It also contains the feature for you to download any photos from your favorite Facebook Pages and Groups you have joined.

Most important of all, you don’t need to install any applications on your PC to use these features, just login with your Facebook account to use it.

Pick&Zip is a totally free backup online tool that will allow you downloading photos from Facebook in a single zip or pdf file.
Full Features :
1. Download tagged photos of you :With Pick&Zip you can download photos where you have been tagged even if you have not uploaded them.

2.Backup your pictures : Pick&Zip is a great solution to backup all your Facebook photos, with just a few clicks you can download all your albums and tagged photos.

3.Build your selection: If so you prefer, you can make a selection of the pictures you like best among your own, your friends', your fan pages and those of the groups you belong.
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