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Hands-free Internet Surf with Your Voice Commands

Hands-free Internet Surfing with Your Voice Commands
Web surfing has becoming very easy since the development of Internet in this new era. The world wide web itself has replaced the old fashion of reading newspaper. Most of us now love using Firefox browser to browse through the Internet to get information and communicate.

Before that, someone thinks to have a great idea to surf the Internet via voice command instead of using hands to type which website we want to visit. However, many of us think that surfing the world wide web with voice commands only(hands free) is virtually impossible. The improvements in voice recognition technology has becomes much more easy for Internet developers to design an application that is able for user to surf the web via voice commands. And now the add-on for Firefox web browser known as Firesay, designed to improve web surfing experience through voice command.

After you have downloaded and installed Firesay, there will be a small orange color microphone symbol appears after your search bar. Click on that arrow beside the microphone and then select Configure Speech Recognition.

You can say “Go to Facebook” or “Open Facebook”, your browser will listen to your order and immediately go to the site you have requested. Check out the video demostration below.

Firesay Add-ons Plugin for Firefox 

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